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UXsquad Staffing is an excellent gateway for quickly on-boarding Certified UXsquad ProŽ human resources for organizations of any size. Our hand picked professionals truly exhibit passion and belief in what they do, and hence they do it better.

We provides the best manpower available in the market who are Certified UXsquad ProŽ professionals: from fresh talent out of school to experienced professionals. We provide professionals with formal academic background (undergraduates, graduates or doctors) in the field of Human Factors, Usability, Human Computer Interaction, or Psychology to seasoned professionals with wide-spread applied user experience and domain knowledge.

In addition to their academic and industry experience each individual is thoroughly screened and required to be Certified UXsquad ProŽ (complete UXsquad Certification Program) before on-boarding at the client location.

The professionals at UXsquad are not just proficient with the user-centered design processes and activities, but also very efficient in high demand design and user researcch tools to leverage their skills and integrating agile development framework together during their process.

UXsquad Staffing offers professionals who are multi-disciplinary as well as specialized in specific areas of user experience like:
  • UX Strategist
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • Content Strategist
  • UX Lead
  • UX Business Analyst
  • UX Product Manager
  • UX Scrum Master
  • Director / Head / Manager of UX

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Today's organizations are challenged to find Technology professionals who have user-focus across all the disciplines of development lifecycle and having UX expertise with a pragmatic approach to user-centered design process that can be used to create dynamic solutions. Selecting skilled and qualified professionals, enabling design thinking and adopting design processes can be challenging.

UXsquad team of Certified UXsquad ProŽ understand end-to-end software development life cycle (SDLC) process and know how user-centered design processes and agile methodoligies fit into the SDLC process (both waterfall or agile) and quickly adapt to any organizational needs during any phase or magnitude of the project.

UXsquad applies industry-wide user-interface design standards and design patterns or establishes them keeping organizational branding standards in mind.

UXsquad Consulting Teams include professionals who are undergraduates, graduates or doctors in the fields of Human Factors, Usability, Human Computer Interaction, Pyschology with wide-spread industry and domain knowledge. Our professionals are multi-disciplinary as well as specialized in specific areas of user experience. Additionally, other Technology professionals have exposure to user-centered and design thinking mindset and activities.

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Training & Certification


User Experience Product Management, Strategy, Research and Design is growing extensively and in high demand by organizations across the globe who use Agile Software Development. In the last decade, most organizations have realized what it takes to differentiate them from other organizations and their products. Innovative design is successful when end users expectations are met, whether it is a simple product like a Post-It Note or a complex computing device like a Smartphone or a magnificient Aircraft.

Organizations are looking for professionals who can truly understand target audience and tap all aspects of design - emotional, functional, and user-friendliness to create a successful product. With addition of smartphones and tablet devices and the infrastructure to support internet access from anywhere on the go, the possibilities are beyond imagination.

UXsquad provides a complete UXsquad Certification Program to both individuals and organizations who like to enhance their skill-set for a competitive edge. UXsquad can help in setting up UX teams within organizations and help them adopt user-centered design process.

The certification programs offered by UXsquad are designed for both executives and practitioners. The programs provide training led by Certified UXsquad Professional (UXsquad ProŽ) who will cover course material, exercises, tests, and hands on project(s) that applies every aspect of user-centered design process necessary for effective product design and development.

UXsquad training / certification offers professionals avenues to shape their careers based on the tenure in the industry.

  • UXsquad ProŽ Strategist
  • UXsquad ProŽ Researcher
  • UXsquad ProŽ Designer
  • UXsquad ProŽ Content Strategist
  • UXsquad ProŽ Lead
  • UXsquad ProŽ Business Analyst
  • UXsquad ProŽ Product Manager
  • UXsquad ProŽ Product Owner and ScrumMaster
  • UXsquad ProŽ Executive UX Leader

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Design Shop


UXsquad provides affordable digital design agency solutions to small businesses to ensure rich and user-friendly web designs and marketing/advertisement materials. The small business solution package offerred by UXsquad includes website design & development which are adaptable to any device (web, mobile, tablet - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) with search engine optimization (SEO). UXsquad also provides visual/graphics design solutions for consistent branding, marketing/advertising materials (Logo, Business Cards, etc.).

The web design solutions created by UXsquad follows latest technology used in both Responsive and Adaptive Web Design which adjust to any screen resolution on any device. Optimized visual design and graphics enable websites to load on low bandwiths so that customers can quickly access websites on the go. Our solutions focus on creating simple, efficient, and easy to use website by applying user-centered design methodology keeping user-interface design standards, best usability practices and organizational branding standards in mind.

The design solutions offered by UXsquad not just ensures happy business owners but also end users or customers with repeat business, there by increasing their profitibility and growth. Design Shop services summary:

  • Responsive web, hybrid and native apps
  • Domain Registration
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Visual/Graphics Design of Logos
  • Business Cards, Letterheads
  • Marketing/Advertizing Materials
  • Brand development
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Gratifying User Experiences

The design solutions offered by UXsquad not just ensure happy business owners but also end users or customers with repeat business, there by increasing their profitibility and growth.