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UXsquad is your one-stop shop for product design and development (software and hardware) with focus on user experience strategy, research, and design and development delivery, consulting, staffing, & training / certification services.

Founded in 2014, with demonstrated expertise in user centered research & design and agile development of products and services ranging from websites & web-based apps, mac/window-based apps, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IOT), embedded software interfaces to hardware products across an array of industry domains.

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UXsquad fulfills the needs of the target audience and sponsors by providing both strategic and hands-on user experience expertise with agile design and development know-how. Our goal is to ensure satisfied target audience (end-users, consumers, customers, clients) and sponsors (customers and clients) by understanding their needs and providing powerful design solutions for the success and profitability of the company.

UXsquad, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, follows a very pragmatic approach in delivering software & hardware products by applying the user-centered design process, design thinking, lean UX and agile software development framework. This enables UXsquad to provide immediate solutions by leveraging the latest user research and design and agile techniques and tools for results for highest return-on-investment.

Our Certified professionals (UXsquad ProŽ) follow detailed methodology without compromising quality and project deadlines.

Depending upon the needs of the organization, we offer onsite & remote portfolio, program and project management consulting, staff augmentation, and also help in setting up Agile teams by providing appropriate training and certification. We offer executives, managers, architects, and practitioners depending upon organizational and project needs.

UXsquad Design shop provides affordable design agency solutions to small businesses to ensure rich and user-friendly online solutions which are the face of an organization. The small business web/visual design solution packages offerred by UXsquad Design Shop includes website design & development which are responsive to any device (web, mobile, tablet - PC, MAC, iOS, Android) with search engine optimization (SEO). It also provides visual/graphics design solutions for consistent branding, marketing and advertising materials (Logo, Business Cards, etc.).

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User Experience Activities

User Research

Surveys, Interviews, Contextual Inquiries, Focus Groups, Listening Labs,
Ethnographic Studies, Persona Creation, and Data Analysis.

Design and Analyses

Needs Analysis, Task Analysis, Conceptual Design, Interface Design,
Interaction Design, Information Design (Architecture, Visualization, Retrieval), Card Sorting, Heuristic Evaluation, Expert Reviews,
Cognitive Walkthroughs, Data Analysis, Competitive Benchmarking, Formative and Summative Usability Testing.
Accessibility Review, Design Standards, Design Pattern Library & UI Framework Development using DHTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Wireframing / Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping, Flowcharting, Storyboarding, Unified Modeling Language (UML) Diagraming,
Service Blueprinting, Journey Mapping, Product and UX Road mapping
Low-fi, Mid-fi, and Hi-fi Modeling/Prototyping, Vertical and Horizontal Prototyping.

Design Systems

Salesforce Lightning Design System, Helix Design Sytems, Material Design,
Pega Cosmos / Constellation, Flutter, U.S. Web Design System (USWDS), and Proprietary Branding / Design Systems.


User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, 4 to 5 Day Design Sprints, Lean UX, Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO), SDLC - Waterfall, Agile.

Industry Domains

Banking & Finance, Auto, Home and Health Insurance, Healthcare,
Manufacturing & Maintenance, Mailing & Postage, Information Technology, Retail, Telecommunication and more.


Making life simple & simply amazing!

Bringing user experience design, agile software development and latest technological innovation together for making life simple and simply amazing for business clients and end customers is the motto of UXsquad.